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My name is Persephone.
I am a Photographer currently residing in Canberra.

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Hikes with my favourite person, my birthday - Autumn ‘14


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Mountain Walks, Winter ‘14


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I’ve taken a break from shooting over the past few months due to personal reasons. It sucks, I miss my cameras. But I needed time. We all do sometimes.
I’m going to ease back into it over the next few months, starting with my main passion - film portrait work. I’m going to be shooting portraits of anybody willing to stand around for me for a few minutes, and start working on my big fine arts series I’ve been planning for longer than I can remember.
I’ve given up on seriously shooting live music. There are just too many young “photographers” my age doing live music, and all their photos look the same. They’re popular and celebrated for their work no matter how mediocre it is simply because of the band in the photo or their social connections. Sure there are a few standout folk with some talent and passion behind them, but for the most part it’s mundane, and I don’t find joy in that anymore.
I’ll bring a camera along to my favourite bands occasionally, but in coming days you’ll be more likely to catch me on the street hassling strangers for a portrait.

I’m going to start updating blogs more often too, as well as my Facebook page I forgot even existed.
Perhaps you’ll all see some new work soon…

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This year I’ll be working on a portrait project which I’ll be exhibiting later this year, stay tuned!
And if you wouldn’t mind me taking a couple snaps of your face, hit me up! I’ll be traveling to Sydney and Melbourne a few times each over the next few months whilst I’m working on it and I’m keen to get as many faces into this project as possible

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